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Lectures and presentations at the Forum PRODUCTS & NEWS@REHACARE powered by MOBITIPP offer visitors and exhibitors perfect opportunities to get in touch.

For the English speaking visitors at Rehacare we made a special list with speakers who will give their lectures in English. The following descriptions are written by the companies. Venue: Rehacare Halle 4, Stand H21 - powered by MOBITIPP. All presentations are free of charge. Please, help us to share this information in English speaking Facebook-pages for disabled people. Thank you.
Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann
Rehacare - International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care
The Forum „PRODUCTS & NEWS” proudly presents speakers from all over the world.

Mittwoch, 18.9.2019

14:30 Uhr – The most innovative, transportable trike in the World

Bob Griffin, CEO and founder of Tomcat SNI Ltd and Nazia White, Head of Marketing and Communications:
Tomcat has become the leading light of the trike industry, with many innovations becoming industry standard by which all other trikes are judged. Now, Introducing the most transportable trike in the world – the Tomcat Bullet.

15:30 Uhr – Powering the next generation of leg prosthesis

Shiqian Wang, Reboocon Bionics B.V.:
Reboocon Bionics develops powered leg prostheses for individuals with above-knee and below-knee amputations. The powered prostheses are aimed to improve gait symmetry, prevent injuries and reduce effort from amputees. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of people with mobility impairment with our technology.

16:00 Uhr – CoRehab

David Tacconi, President and Co-founder of CoRehab und Marta Galeotti, Sales&Marketing Manager:
The use of inertial wearable sensors as input for biofeedback systems is allowing patients to perform exercises in a motivated and correct manner both in clinic and at home, ensuring sensible improvements compared to traditional therapy and allowing professionals to objectify the rehabilitation pathway.

Donnerstag, 19.09.2019

11:30 Uhr – Raising your furniture for the best seating position

Mrs Marty Brookes, Healthcare Sales Manager Gordon Ellis & Co:
Sitting in the correct position is vital for joint health. If your hips are lower than your knees when you are sitting down, this can add pressure to your hips, pelvis and back. Gordon Ellis are a UK Manufacturer who work with Health Professionals in designing and manufacturing the right products to help. From Furniture Raisers and Raised Toilet Seats to adjustable Commodes and Toilets Aids, we will demonstrate how these products work for you, your patients or clients in making them more comfortable or aiding their recovery.

15:30 Uhr – Neuroforma. Augmented reality-based system for rehabilitation

Marek Kruszyński, Meden-Inmed Sp. Z o. o.:
Neuroforma – augmented reality-based system for rehabilitation that helps patients to regain motor and cognitive health via interactive stationary and home exercises and cutting-edge telerehabilitation.

  • The background of Neuroforma platform as a rehabilitation tool.
  • General overview how the potential therapists and their patients can enjoy within the motor-cognitive and balance control training with this innovative tool.
  • Presentation how to do interactive exercises at home under the remote care of specialist.

Freitag, 20.9.2019

12:30 Uhr – Produktpräsentation Indesmed

Rafael Vidal, CEO INDESmed:
Indesmed presents the lightest forearm crutch in the world. A patented design made of carbon fibre, height adjustable to the millimetre and with a load capacity of over 200 kilograms, which together with the ergonomic handle with silicone cover prevents joint pain, back pain and tendonitis.
Also in the luggage: the Adaptive Walker lower leg orthosis. The patented unique Adaptive Walker lower leg orthosis is a true revolution. A single orthosis that adapts precisely to the foot, ankle and lower leg and can be easily adjusted by the patient or doctor during rehabilitation. One Walker – all sizes.

13:30 Uhr – OrCam MyEye 2

Jennifer Kietzke, OrCam Technologies:
The wearable OrCam MyEye 2 artificial vision device assists people who are blind, visually impaired, or have reading difficulties. The lightweight device enables users to instantly read printed and digital text from any surface as well as recognize faces, products and more – thereby achieving increased independence.

14:30 Uhr – Showerbuddy Presents HY5 – One Product – 5 Functions

John Akin, Showerbuddy:
HY5 is a unique new product helping you remain independent and safe at home. As we age, we need help with everyday tasks. HY5 has an all-in-one functionality incorporating your walker, shower chair, raised toilet seat, bedside commode, wheelchair and your best of all it folds up to be your travel chair.

15:30 Uhr – Managing health problems when using wheelchairs off-road

Ian Abbott (English) and Gemma Pearce (English and German), Loopwheels:
Whole Body Vibration causes many problems for wheelchair users, as it compacts the spine, trapping tissue and nerves. Many studies have shown that this results in serious complications, including significant lower back pain, spasms, spasticity, fatigue and poor bladder control. The vibration can also cause or worsen pressure sores.
We examine the academic and clinic studies, and explore the possible solutions as speeds increase due to power attachments. We explain how different wheel solutions perform against ISO 2631-1 (which seeks to limit the amount of vibration anyone is exposed to, in order to protect their health), and recommend a way forwards. We look forward to seeing you there and answering any questions that you have.

16:00 Uhr – D20 Carbon Fiber power Wheelchair

Kevin Liao, Nanjing Jin Bai He Medical:
D20 Foldable Wheelchair is an innovation of applying carbon fiber material for wheelchair frame.   Significantly reduced the weight of electric wheelchair to 15 kgs that makes it easier for users to carry it around, as well as increased the strength and styling of wheelchair from the characteristics for carbon fiber.

The features of this new application of carbon fiber to wheelchair are as follows:

  • Lighter weight of the wheelchair brings better mobility while traveling, transportation by vehicle and move around.
  • Increase the strength of frame and at the same time with shock absorb function from the material nature of carbon fiber.
  • Shape of frame is more stream lined because of carbon fiber.
  • One touch folding and unfolding in a few seconds with a finger touch.
  • Easy to release battery holder

 Samstag, 21.9.2019

13:30 Uhr – One hand tying Quickshoelace make people EQUAL and more FASHION forward

David Knez, inventor, CEO (Quickshoelace):
Our innovation is an elastic lace that can be tied with one hand in one second to the metal parts that you install into the top of the shoe holes and just clip it. We want to make your life easier and if you have troubles with motoric this is a solution.

(Text: Brigitte Muschiol)

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Rehacare - International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care
Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann
The Forum „PRODUCTS & NEWS” proudly presents speakers from all over the world.